PISTACHIO - Orients call the pistachio "Green Gold" due to its cultural popularity and intense flavour.Here we offer a vast range of premium pistachios which are handpicked to guarantee the utmost quality. We take pride in our vast range of pistachios, which allows us to offer our customers a product that will fit their specifications and requirements perfectly, whatever they may be.As well as shelled pistachios, we offer pistachio kernels too. Kernels are taken through a shelling process, meaning they are not presented in a shell at the end of the production process. Among our kernels range, we produce Green Peeled Kernels. This type of pistachio kernel is categorised as a raw pistachio as it is harvested one to two months before the more common looking natural pistachios. Green Peeled Kernels endure a lengthy process to release the kernel from the shell and peel. Our method has been perfected to ensure your kernels always keep their quality throughout the shelling process.